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Here you find a lot of links that we've found useful - of the latest and coolest Macintosh 68k sites on the planet. A selection of excellent Macintosh links have been provided below for your perusal. Please report dead links. You can embed The MacFinder on your page!

Currently 213 links available in 20 categories.

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    A-II User Interfaces   Some notes about the various Apple II User Interfaces
    Apple //c Display   Scanned Apple //c Display manual
    Apple II Csa2 FAQs   The complete set of Csa2 text FAQs and Resource files
    Apple II Docs   Huge Information Base at APPLE2.ORG.ZA
    Apple II History   Dr. Steve Weyhrich`s detailed history of the Apple II
    Apple II Periphery   Catalogue of products marketed by Apple for Apple II
    Apple II Textfiles   Tutorials and informations at
    Apple II Usenet   Appe II Usenet group client at evil
    Apple II Utilitys   Download Apple ][ Software - huge collection at
    Apple IIe Card   Apple IIe Card used with the Macintosh LC - Documentation
    Apple IIgs   Dedicated to the preservation of the Apple IIGS
    Apple IIGS online   Connect your Apple IIgs to the Internet! at
    Apple III   Resources for the Apple /// personal computer by W.A.P.
    Apple III   Review of the Apple /// personal computer by Marina
    Apple III Disks   Apple III Disk Library collected by W.A.P.
    Apple III FAQ   Apple III FAQ File V. 3.5 by David Ottalini   Apple IIGS and IIe User Guides at   Japanese Apple II collection with many pictures   Apple Fritter, host of the Apple I Owners Club   Apple II & GS Software at Chebucto Community Net
    GNO A-II FTP Archive   GNO Apple II Archive, formerly known as the Trenco Archive
    GS WorldView   The Online Journal of Apple II Computing at
    Inside the Apple IIc   Anatomy of an Icon? We took one apart to find out.
    Marinetti   the only TCP/IP stack available for the Apple IIGS

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