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Here you find a lot of links that we've found useful - of the latest and coolest Macintosh 68k sites on the planet. A selection of excellent Macintosh links have been provided below for your perusal. Please report dead links. You can embed The MacFinder on your page!

Currently 213 links available in 20 categories.

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    68k Magazine   A Macintosh e-zine that has archives dating back to 1995
    Announcing   System 7 - Date: June, 1989 - read the preview note...
    Before System 7   Apple Macintosh before System 7 - the first days of MacOS
    Creation of Mac   The Creation of the Mac by Jef Raskin
    Fat Mac Into   Apple introduces Fat Mac - Creative Computing, Feb. 1985
    Folklore   Anecdotes about the development of the original Macintosh
    For the masses   Computers for the rest of us? Classic, the LC, and the IIsi
    Jobs was back   Steve Jobs Returns to Apple - mirror
    Lisa   Whatever happened to the Lisa? at
    Macintosh Plus   An early look at the Macintosh Plus by BYTE Magazine 1986
    The Real Story...   The Real Story of Apple Computer at
    Vintage Articles   Archive of issues of the Mac newsletter "Known Users"

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