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Here you find a lot of links that we've found useful - of the latest and coolest Macintosh 68k sites on the planet. A selection of excellent Macintosh links have been provided below for your perusal. Please report dead links. You can embed The MacFinder on your page!

Currently 213 links available in 20 categories.

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    Basilisk II   Run 68k MacOS software on your computer (OS X & WIN)
    Emulation Forum   Mac OS Emulation Forum at   Lisa Emulator Project for OS X, Linux, Win32 users. (temp. offline)
    Mini vMac   A miniature Macintosh emulator
    SheepShaver   Run PowerPC Classic MacOS software on OS X & WIN
    SoftMac   Windows runs Mac OS... and likes it!
    vMac   Emulates a Motorola 68000 based Apple Macintosh Plus

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